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Hampshire has some of the most beautiful and varied countryside in England. Our downland offers views with enduring beauty and character. We have two National Parks and two Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, which provide a rural retreat from the pace of modern life. We also have fine countryside which is not nationally designated but is still beautiful and much valued by local communities. Our unique chalk streams and water meadows are admired by many the world over. Along the coastal fringe wildlife still finds a peaceful refuge. This is why the Hampshire countryside is so important to all those who live and visit our beautiful county and we are dedicated to conserving and enhancing it.

Local Landscape Character Assessments


Is your area facing a threat to its landscape - a major development or a poorly sited wind turbine, perhaps? With the government's recent decision to devolve power back to local people, Local Landscape Character Assessments (LLCAs) will play a pivotal role in the future planning process in Hampshire. We are encouraging all parishes to complete a LLCA to make sure future development is sympathetic to local desires and needs. A considered, locally informed LLCA will provide a strong basis on which to review planning applications. Our annual parish seminars provide opportunities to share knowledge on developing these assessments.

Landscape Character Page   ::  Parish Planning

The South Downs National Park

east meon

The South Downs National Park came into existence on 1st April 2010 after years of campaigning by CPRE Hampshire and many other organisations. Our main recent effort was to ensure that the Western Weald was included. We are also pleased that CPRE Hampshire campaginer Margaret Paren was elected chair of the new authority for this national park.

South Downs pages and articles

Combatting Fly Tipping

fly tipping

Like every county, Hampshire has a significant problem with fly-tipping. CPRE Hampshire has been working hard to address the problem. In 2007, we launched a fly-tipping guide for landowners and managers, who have a legal responsibility to clear fly-tipping from their land.

On 12th May 2010, alongside several other organisations, we launched an innovative project which looks at different ways of dealing with instances of fly-tipping.

Flytipping pages  ::  Press release 12th May 2010

Hedgerows - Don't Cut Them Out!

verge and hedge

We are committed to protecting hedgerows and dry stone walls - features which give beauty and character to rural landscapes and are valuable habitats for wildlife. Their patterns stitch the characteristic patchwork quilt over the countryside and they are intimately connected with our history and ancestors. We have long campaigned for better protection for hedgerows, and continue to do so, as described in our new booklet...

Hedgerows - Don't Cut Them Out (38 page booklet - PDF: 3Mb)   ::  Hedgerows (national campaign)



When asked about what countryside qualities they most value, people said tranquillity was the most important. CPRE have commissioned research that created a way of measuring and mapping tranquillity.

One of the threats to tranquilly is that of airport expansion - such as that planned for Bournemouth and Southampton, and many small airfields such as Farnborough.

Tranquillity Home  ::   Aviation Home

Dark Skies

strong lights

Looking up into a clear night sky and watching thousands of bright stars gradually stand out from the darkness is one of the pleasures of living in the countryside. But light pollution, caused by careless and wasteful beaming of outdoor light upwards is spoiling this enjoyment.

We have teamed up with the Campaign for Dark Skies to address this nuisance. One success is that light pollution is now regarded as a statutory nuisance.

Nightblight Pages  ::  Dark Skies Update 2009

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