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2026 - A Vision for the Hampshire Countryside

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Our vision in Hampshire is of a beautiful, diverse and living countryside which is valued forever. We see Hampshire as leading the way in conservation enhancement of our countryside whilst meeting local needs.

Our vision for the countryside in 2026 (our centenary year) is summarised in the following paragraphs. We believe that it's a realistic and achievable vision. Indeed, there are already many examples in Hampshire of the vision becoming reality.

  • In 2026 Hampshire is more beautiful and varied than it is today. Relatively little countryside has been lost to development. Economic growth is no longer seen as an end in itself and there is a new focus on quality of life, local character and the enjoyment of green open spaces.
  • In 2026, planning in Hampshire is democratic, well considered and protects the countryside while meeting local needs. Great care has been taken to ensure that new buildings enhance local distinctiveness and a sense of place. Urban spaces make better use of the space available and we see a significant greening of our towns and cities. Our large urban areas have been regenerated and revitalised through better use of brownfield land, helping to protect our adjourning countryside. All communities are linked by good transport systems, giving access to local services and facilities, making less use of the car and roads are safely shared by all users.
  • By 2026 the financial position of farms and estate in Hampshire is healthy. Farms and estates are not only valued for what they produce but also for the role they play in conserving our landscape and wildlife. We consume more local produce but it is an integral part of our everyday lives, supporting the local economy whilst also reducing our carbon footprint.
  • In 2026, Hampshire's countryside plays an important role in reducing carbon emissions. Buildings are more energy efficient and small scale renewables are common. The County makes a strong contribution to national renewable energy needs but this takes full account of the aesthetics and character of the landscape - power generation is of an appropriate scale and type and does not dominate the landscape. Hampshire remains the leading County for the in-house recycling of waste.
  • Hampshire continues to be a thriving and vibrant community with countryside that is valued and enjoyed by everyone. More people will live, work and visit our countryside for pleasure. As more people come to visit and value Hampshire's countryside we see a continuing cycle of revitalisation - the countryside improves, people care for it more and it is further improved and valued.

This is our vision for Hampshire and we committed to making it happen.

Further Reading

CPRE's national vision was launched in May 2009. Their document 2026 - A Vision for the Countryside (PDF: 8.3Mb), an inspiring and optimistic vision for the future of the English countryside, our greatest national asset. The article More Glorious Than Ever gives a further perspective on CPRE Hampshire's vision.

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Our vision is that by 2026 the quality of much of our countryside will have improved
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Read the CPRE 2026 Vision booklet (PDF)



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