The countryside champions

Our Objectives

The objectives of CPRE Hampshire are:

  • To ensure our views are heard and considered throughout Hampshire on all relevant issues of planning, land use, rural affairs and transport
  • To identify and implement campaigning and other opportunities to protect and enhance Hampshire's countryside, to ensure appropriate and sustainable land use, farming, woodland and biodiversity policies and practice, and improve the well-being of rural communities
  • To work constructively in pursuit of our policies with governmental bodies and local authority and parish council members and officers
  • To work in collaboration with other like-minded groups and organisations in Hampshire so as to establish consistent and co-ordinated lobbying on all issues which may affect the countryside
  • To obtain wider awareness and support for our work among all communities, including those in urban areas, to encourage more active participation from volunteers in branch and district activities, and to increase membership
  • To run an open, honest, efficient, financially-sound and user-friendly organisation having constructive and influential working relationships with CPRE National Office, CPRE South East and CPRE Hampshire District Groups, and dedicated to continuous improvement in our effectiveness

What We Do

Working to achieve these objectives is spearheaded by our officers, our county groups and the county office near Winchester. In turn, they are supported by a network of volunteers from the six local groups covering the whole of Hampshire. Our work includes:

  • Protection of the countryside from inappropriate housing development or land allocation, by monitoring planning applications and responding to those which threaten the countryside
  • Providing clear campaign objectives and advice on campaigning
  • Establishment of County Branch Groups concerned with planning, rural affairs and transport
  • Campaigning on relevant rural and associated urban issues
  • Campaigning for an effective transport system that is sustainable and improving tranquility in the countryside and the well-being of local communities
  • Restoration of the countryside character of rural roads
  • Minimising the use of natural and non-renewable countryside resources
  • Making more use of sustainable farming practices and recognition of the importance of local foods
  • Promoting the best interests of Hampshire with the South Downs National Park and the newly designated New Forest National Park
  • Supporting and assisting in the implementation of the current Hampshire Landscape Strategy and Biodiversity Action Plans
  • Commenting on South East regional and local development plans
  • Participation at public inquiries as required
  • Offering advice and support to individuals and local organisations who are fighting their own planning or environmental campaigns
  • Providing a forum for members to discuss local, regional and national issues
  • Establishing working links with other relevant organisations.

This page last updated 19th May 2011.